Low Cost, Outstanding Performance, Reliable Service Life
It's the Value added to our re-manufactured brake program

It's a fact today, everyone is looking to save money but drop their cost per mile. That's why you need the high Quality line of re-manufactured brakes shoes from Valley Brake. With us, you get it all - low cost, outstanding performance, dependable service life, and hassle free handling of cores.

Benefits & Features

High Quality - Low Cost. Inferior workmanship and sub-standard parts can reduce brake performance. Our process includes the following:

  • Rivet selection and pressure are closely monitored to assure shoes meet TMC RP605A standards.
  • Shoes are precisely measured to check stretch tolerance.
  • Careful cleaning and close inspection reveal cracked and broken welds on this shoe sending it to the scrap pile.

Hassle Free - When you stock re-manufactured brake shoes and kits from Valley Brake, you eliminate the headaches and cost associated with core returns. We accept all existing styles of air brake shoes, old and new, counted and picked up by our service people on a regular basis. This means fewer problems with paper work and core credits issued on a timely basis, saving you money.

Brake Performance - Valley Brake is proud to announce its own special line of high performance friction material. Formulated as a result of years of experience working with the various friction manufacturers from around the world, and selling these products under all types of applications, this material is proving to be the best that we have ever seen. These products have been tested and certified as meeting the requirements set forth by FMVSS 121, asbestos free, and engineered for maximum life with minimum drum wear.

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